"I have fed Crypto Aero to all of my horses with amazing results. Coats gleam, hoof growth increases- overall happy and healthy horses. But I have to say that Crypto Plus is a game changer! In just two months, it has amped up what CryptoAero has done, and my horses look and feel amazing! Even more hoof growth, their normally clipped coats which get a little dull in the winter are gleaming and beautiful! It has increased the utilization of everything they eat. What an amazing combination!" ~Shannon Peters


"I've been using Crypto Aero Plus now for 3 months and could not be happier with the results. The horse I've been using it on (9year old jumping stallion competing at international 1.40 level) has had a long history of ulcer problems. He was very difficult to keep any consistency with, although not showing any normal signs of ulcers after scoping we discovered really bad piloric ulcers. I tried the standard medication and had some but limited success, he would still suffer from dips in performance, some days fresh some days really flat, also would hold himself as if he wanted to pass droppings and try to stop during flatwork warm ups to poo but then not pass anything which was causing tension and therefore not getting the looseness required to jump well. After 2 weeks of feeding CAP+ he already felt like a different horse. Everyday he felt fresh and cheeky, then after a month of feeding he was loose and relaxed, would pass droppings easily at least 3 times in a warm up. In the past it was very hard to get 3 days of jumping out of him and feel well but now he is as fresh on the last day as he is on the first, doesn't show signs of fatigue and is very comfortable and relaxed about his job. I really can't recommend Crypto Aero Plus+ highly enough and as soon as it's possible to ship it over here to Holland in larger quantities I'm putting the whole stable on it. Other benefits I've noticed are I need to feed less oats, coat and skin and general health have improved and that's in a horse that always looked healthy and in good condition, muscle tone has improved and also ease of movement, he's also just generally a happier horse.   ~ Matt Clayton, Holland.

We feed the best Grain ( in my opinion) Crypto Aero, an all natural wholesome food that the horses love and look amazing on after only 10-14 days. I am a big believer in treating a horses body like a human athlete would treat his/her body when training for competition and not let them consume anything that is not beneficial to reaching peak performance.At O'Dwyer Racing we do not like to have our owners spending unnecessarily. Over the last couple of years from feeding Crypto Aero , good quality hay, and fresh water our horses look and feel great and vet bills for medication have been reduced.
I have also being using the crypto aero plus as an extra boost and it seems to give the horses more energy, it can be given about 7 days before racing as a pre-race. O'Dwyer Racing has made a bight start to 2017 with its runners winning or hitting the board with 5 of 6 starts made by February 3rd.~ Jerry O'Dwyer      www.jodwyerracing.com