How do I feed a horse with metabolic syndrome/ IR/Cushings?

Metabolically challenged horses can have 1 standard measuring cup twice daily ( half that for ponies). These horses also greatly benefit from Kelp as it stimulates their often sluggish Thyroid. You can feed a total of 1 table spoon daily and half that for ponies. Most importantly, those horses should not receive any supplemental iron (ferrous, ferric anything), or selenium. They are best fed a straight first cut timothy. You may also want to detox their liver, especially if they have been fed an iron fortified diet. ( Live'er Up by

What should I NOT feed with Crypto Aero?

Please do not feed any beet pulp, soy, corn, distillers dried grain, wheat, wheat middlings, iron or its derrivatives (anything ferric, ferrous), or synthetic vitamins with Crypto Aero.


Are there any potentially  harmful feed additives used where Crypto Aero is made?

No. The feed mill where Crypto Aero is made does not use any feed additives such as monensin, rumensin, paylene or others, that could be harmful to horses. Crypto Aero is made in a separate mixer and no other feed ever runs through that same mixer and bagger. All ingredients are stored in a storage room dedicated to Crypto Aero.

Will my horse be able to digest the whole oats?

As long as your horse has good dentition, yes! It is normal to see a few undigested oats in the beginning as your horse may be excited and may not chew them well enough. With time, you will see less and less of them and eventually just a few empty husks will appear in the manure. If you continue to see undigested oats, you may want to check your horses dentition and check with a qualified veterinarian.

Why is Crypto Aero not non-GMO certified?

Because that is not possible. It would have to made in a certified non-GMO mill and none of them have the storage capabilities for all the ingredients in this feed. Each ingredient would also have to be certified and could never be transported or stored with any not certified ingredients. Even if there were a feed mill capable of doing this, a bag of feed would be at least 3 times the price. Non of our ingredients are grown from GMO seeds or treated with herbicides.

Do I need to give my horse a mineral supplement with this feed?

Minerals are best provided free choice such as with a Redmond or Himalayan salt lick and I do recommend you provide all your horses with one.

How can I get some Crypto Aero if there is no supplier in my area?

The feed can be shipped to anywhere in the U.S. Freight becomes reasonable at 20 bags or more. You can talk to your local feed store or share with friends. The only thing needed is a fork lift and an 18 wheeler will need access to the property.

Do I need to fee pro-biotics with this feed?

If your horse has a healthy digestive system and no history of colic or frequent diarrhea, then you do not. The brewers yeast in this feed will help your horse grow its own healthy gut bacteria. If you want to feed your horse a biotic product, I recommend Biotic 8 by Omega Alpha as it has other beneficial ingredients with it  (

Are there enough Omega 3 fatty acids in this feed?

The ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 is 1:10. Hay and especially grass are high in Omega 3. If you would like to add some Omega 3s, please choose Chia Seeds (

How do I transition my horse?

If your horse has the desired weight you can slowly replace each amount of your previous feed, with half that amount of Crypto Aero. You should transition your horse over a weeks time frame.

 How much should I feed my horse?

It depends on a few factors such as how much and what quality hay is fed, whether your horse is an easy or hard keeper and how much does it work on a daily basis. If your horse has the desired weight and energy level , than you should start with about half the amount of what you are feeding now. If you would like to see some weight gain, you can start at the same amount and then reduce once the desired weight is reached. You should never feed more than 6 lbs per day. Easy keepers, Cushings and IR horses should receive 1 standard measuring cup twice daily. Always watch your horse closely for weight gain and reduce amount fed accordingly.