"Check out #mustangterk and his amazing SHINE! Even my mustangs with long winter coats are glowing thanks to #cryptoaero feed... No supplements needed. I thought their coats were shiny before, but crypto is showing me what a true healthy coat looks like and I'm amazed! Not only does it look better, but it feels better too-- he's softer than ever. In love with this feed!"

Madison Shambaugh
Photo credit: Andy Neal

"I've been super pleased with Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed so far. We just started feeding it this spring. Left pic was from last year on May 30, right pic was from last week. He's almost all shed out now, and look how shiny! (He's never shed out this early before.)" ~Mari Bolte, MN

 Here is another 3 month transformation of a 5 y/o gelding on Crypto Aero.

The first 2 pics are from Before - July 17 and Today August 4th pics of Solo (jc name Solutionist), simply fed Crypto Aero and all you can eat hay. Notice that the rain rot is completely gone and I only treated him twice with MTG. The swelling in his fetlocks has gone down to normal, his feet are no longer tender and "ouchy" on the mats or in the aisle (he would literally limp going into his stall). He still doesn't want to trot, because his hips are off, but after a chiro adjustment, that will change.

This is Pepper, a little mini with Cushings syndrome. The pictures were taken 2.5 months apart. Thank you Caterina Hamilton, for sending this to us.

 Here a picture comparing hoof growth on Crypto Aero in comparison to other feeds. Thank you Kyle Rothfus, for sending this to us.

"I have a degree in nutrition and use that knowledge in my everyday operation of both East Hill Farm (Vermont ) and Bespoke Farm (Florida ). I've done the ration balance for nearly every horse at both farms (42 horses). I can tell you that with out a doubt, Crypto Areo is fulfilling my horses needs without the added junk and waste products that are in most grains. Besides being non GMO, its whole grain concept is how horses were made to eat. AND... I have done the math along with balancing each horses nutritional needs. Because I don't have to supplement with much, and I'm feeding so much less... I AM SAVING MONEY!
You will see. Ruth Hogan Poulsen."

 This is a before ad after picture of a

16 y/o gelding in TN. The only change in his diet was to replace his current feed with the same amount of Crypto Aero. The pictures were taken 3 weeks apart.

"I have been feeding Crypto Aero  for over a year now. My horses look amazing and no more allergy issues!!! I feed half of what I was feeding before and I now have all my horses on it and I am still saving money!!! I highly suggest looking into this feed!! They also are 50lb bags instead of 40lb!!!" ~ Liz Millikin.

"My Quarter horse Star came to us with bad feet, shoes I thought would solve the problem, but it didn't. She did not have very good hooves at all until our barefoot trimmer Ms. Allen came and saved her hooves from the fungal infection and recommended Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed and we have currently been on it for about 3 1/2 months. Star's coat began to improve drastically with a lovely luster as well as her hoof growth along with the amazing help of our trimmer. She also shed some unwanted fat. We are able to basically see where the healthier hoof came in, in contrast to the unhealthy part from the previous starchy feed. Star loves Crypto Aero and wouldn't miss her delicious meal for the world! Here are some before and after pictures. The bad crumbly hooves were before our trimmer and the Crypto Aero and the cantering photo shows the dull coat color she had and the photo of her looking behind her is after the feed. Star and I are very satisfied with the magic it has done on her!" ~ Vera Blanco.

"I have been using Crypto Aero since the beginning of September 2014. I immediately noticed a difference in my horses. Their coats became incredibly shiny, they all grew more hoof, and their energy level was sustained for longer periods. All of my top dressage horses and most of the client horses in my barn are on Crypto Aero. Switching my horses over to Crypto Aero was the best decision I could have made and I highly recommend others do the same."
~ Natalia Martin.

 "My 2 elderly horses have been on Crypto Aero for about 4 months. I was ready to put my 26 yr old on a supplement for arthritis when I met Anna at her booth at Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. I decided to try Crypto Aero instead. Today the farrier came and for the first time in quite a while, he didn't get a fight when trying to hold up her hind legs for trimming. And he agreed with my observation that, even with their long winter hair, both horses' coats glowed (that is, the part that wasn't muddy LOL). Thank you Crypt Aero!" ~ Barbara Price Morrison.

"As an equine veterinarian, horse owner and FEI dressage competitor, I have a keen and personal interest in equine nutrition.
I have long been an advocate of hay analysis, whole foods, feeding "green" (ie as free of processing and chemicals as feasible), and the importance of a forage-based diet for horses. Crypto Aero developer Anna Frensemeyer based the composition of her feed on these principles. All ingredients are whole foods, each of specific benefit to the horse besides providing calories, Every bag of CA feed has the same composition (ie the carbohydrates used are not adjusted according to the market).
No preservatives are needed because all the foods are completely dried before being milled in a facility that does not process coccidiostats such as Monensin or any other substances known to be toxic to horses.
But in the end, it's up to the horses!
I have had my three competition horses on Crypto Aero since January, and am delighted with their condition, stamina, attitude and overall health. Most markedly, the horses all show improvement in muscle definition and tone.
Anna is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and welcomes questions about equine nutrition. I'd encourage anyone considering evaluating their feed program to give her a call!"

Candace K. Platz, DVM
Maine Equine Associates                                                                                                             Photo by Jim Platz.

More testimonials. We ran out of room on the other one...

" I cannot not emphasize enough how much implementing the Crypto feed into Bentley's diet has been such a blessing to his health. Before consulting with Betsy we were told by multiple vets and farriers to not feed him grain, supplements, let him go out on pasture, alfalfa etc. taking all of those things away from him left him on a dry lot with little dry hay and Bute multiple times a day to help with the pain in his feet from the founder and alone we still found ourselves at a loss. Bentley was not improving the Bute was just masking the pain the little hay he was getting was just sustaining him not giving him the true nutrients that he needed to heal and my daughters beloved pony was just becoming less and less like himself. When Betsy suggested starting him on the Crypto feed along with the herbs and turmeric I felt skeptical of course because it's everything we were told NOT to do but everything else had failed so we took that leap. No it's not a over night success and it takes consistency. And paired with Betsy knowledge in trimming his feet (that took his feet the size of what could have been your average sized horse hoof and now are the size they should be) and with her dedication to Bentley's hoof care today Bentley is running out on pasture with the rest of the heard, has his personality back, my daughter got her pony back. I would recommend implementing Crypto into all horses diet! We also used Crypto with our 22 year old Quarter horse to help keep his weight up during this past winter. Another success! Sorry so long!"

~ Victoria Ewert, MN

Here a 30+ year old mare that has very poor dentition. The owner had tried everything and these

pictures are from June 18th  2015 and then September 5th 2015. She gets 5 measuring cups daily.

 "I switched all of my horses to Crypto Aero grain in the fall of 2014.  All of my horses look and feel great! I have been able to drastically reduce the amount of grain I feed which has resulted in quieter and more focused horses.  My Grand Prix horse Belisario was my catalyst to educate myself on feed nutrition.  After learning he was highly allergic to wheat I made it my mission to improve his health and attitude. I did a lot of research on what I was feeding all my horses. Yikes! I contacted Anna and told her all about Belisario. She was beyond helpful. Before feeding Crypto he was eating around 10lbs of grain a day, was gassy, had diarrhea, anxious and couldn't put weight on.  Now Belisario is finally healthy and much more relaxed.  Switching my horses to a whole food diet has been one of the best decision's I have made. I highly recommend Crypto Aero grain for any horse at any level. "

This is Sunny, a 29 y/o gelding. In the top picture his ACTH level was 297 and he was diagnosed with cushings disease. After 2 years on Pergolide, there was still no improvement. That is when he was started on Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed. The next picture show him  with an ACTH level of 27. The before picture was taken in January 2016, and the after in March 2016.

"Almost 30 years old cured of cushings, eating a whole food diet of Crypto Aero and never been fitter or healthier in his life!! Thank you!" ~ Louisa Barton.