"My horses have been on Crypto Aero for three months now, and the positive changes in all of them are pretty astounding!  I have always tried to find the most healthy and natural feed for my horses , and the last few years I have been taking all soy, corn or GMO products and by products out of their diets.  Crypto Aero has such the right combination of beneficial ingredients for performance, muscle building, and most importantly where it all starts… a healthy digestive system.

All of the horses have had an increase in hoof growth, (mine are all barefoot, and wear a healthy amount off just through their work, but noticeably needed a trim this time), and their underlines are dramatically different.   Noticeably less distention in a couple of my horses that have always looked like they had a “hay belly” even though they eat with slow feeders .  Their coats have all blossomed with dapples, shine, and a softer feel. And performance wise, they all seem to be “just right” on this feed. Hotter ones a bit cooler, and cooler ones have a bit more energy!  Thank you for making such a terrific feed!!!"  
Shannon Peters, June 2014.

  On November 6th 2013 Seven Arias probably had the worst race of her career. She came in dead last with a time of 1.59.0. On November 7th I switched her feed to Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed and took her off everything else. She continuously improved, put on more muscle, stayed more focused and had longer lasting energy. She enjoyed training more and would become less resistant and just easier to work with. On January 25th 2014 she raced again after just seven weeks back in training. She was calm, focused and remained so even when passing the stands and approaching the gate. She came in a close fourth in a field of ten with a time of 1.54.1, the fastest race of her career. Crypto Aero has made a tremendous positive difference in Seven Arias racing performance and she is not receiving any other supplements with it." Owner: Laura Newbery


" I have been feeding Crypto Aero since March 2014. I was interested in the feed because I noticed a tremendous difference in my own health and well being when I switched to a healthier diet. It has done the same thing for my horses. I noticed an improvement in how they look as well as how they feel when I ride them. They have better focus, longer lasting energy while staying level headed, their coats look better, and their hooves have improved. Some hard keepers finally put on weight. In the beginning I fed about the same amount of the previous feed I used, but now I feed significantly less. I rode the mare in this picture in her very first Derby at Spruce Meadows. She went clear and was not the least bit tired. If you haven't tried this feed, yet, I recommend you do. All my horses in training are on it. "
- Hector Florentino 

 We love Crypto Aero horse feed! We had been searching for an all natural feed like this for a very long time, and were thrilled to have found Crypto Aero, and even better for us, its made locally! I've switched my horses over, and I'm amazed with the results! First off, my horses love this feed. My horse Donatucci, a 6 year old Oldenburg gelding (Donatellix Contucci) used to be a super picky eater, and I went through EVERY feed available, and once he started eating this feed, he's been consistent on eating again! Secondly, I can feed less. I used to have to feed a lot of grain to keep his condition up, and now, I've almost cut it in half, and he's maintaining great! Third, he's had a great steady level of energy. It has not made him hot, but has helped him have more energy for longer. Lastly, his coat, hooves, and overall body condition is super! He is bare foot, with 4 white, totally solid, strong hooves! He shines like a new copper penny. I took him to his first rated dressage show a few weeks ago, and he came in first place with a 74.4% in Training Level Test 3. I truly believe this food had made THE difference in Donatucci and my other horses ability to train, compete, and have mental focus! - Leif Aho, FL


"I put my mare on Crypto Aero about six weeks ago. She is chronically immunocompromised. I have noticed her to have overall more vitality and she is a much happier horse. She recovers more quickly and has also improved soundness. Thank you for making such a great product." ~ James Koford, April 2015.

I love how my horses look, feel and shine on this wonderful feed..look at my 2yr old who has only been on it for three weeks. She has "blossomed" from the inside out! All my horses don't just shine, they reflect!! I am feeding less than half of what I used to feed of premium* commercial processed feed. HUGE savings, and NO supplements." -Dana Clarke, GA.