Laura Graves

I have been beyond thrilled with the results since switching my horses to Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed. In particular, I have found that my horses coming in from Europe are so much healthier and happier. We used to have occasional upset stomachs and leaky gut. But since making the switch – nothing but happy ponies! My absolute greatest concern is their health. As international athletes, my horses and I are subject to strict drug testing. I can rest easy, knowing that Crypto Aero is 100% safe and clean.

Shelly Francis

I like to keep my horses eating as close to nature as possible and Crypto Aero makes that easy. For the past 3 years Crypto Aero has allowed me to be able to feed less grain while still getting all the essential nutrients needed for a high performance horse. Since feeding my horses Crypto I have noticed changes in everything from their coats to being able to use less gastric ulcer medications, to how well they perform.

Charlie Jayne

Over the past year I began eating healthier, focusing on all natural and whole nutrients, and I saw a big difference in how I felt and performed. I decided that I owed it to my horses to do the same for them. After being on the feed for over 6 months, I’ve seen big changes in my horses, and especially Ever Blue. His stamina skyrocketed. He had been moving up slowly, as he is still only 8. I’ve also seen a big improvement in his coat since we began him on Crypto Aero.

Ashley Johnson

I began to use Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed because it aligned with the values in my own diet of eating whole foods and eating simply so as to feel good and optimize gut health naturally. With its oat base, Crypto Aero takes a much more natural approach. It is a grain that both returns to the basics of equine nutrition and enhances the ‘old school’ approach by adding a variety of natural ingredients such as papaya, sunflower seeds, and spirulina. My horses have been thriving on this grain. Their coats are glossy and their energy levels are optimized!

Kate Chadderton

Earlier this year we made the switch to Crypto Aero Wholefood Horse Feed and what a difference it has made! Honestly, with all the transporting and competing, the horses were showing signs of ulcers and they had dull coats. Since switching to a whole feed they have really turned around. They now have healthy, shiny coats. Plus, the ulcers have largely disappeared! Happy horses = happy riders! This feed is truly the way horses should eat.

Ariel Gerald

I love its simple, whole ingredients and that it doesn’t contain anything Simon is allergic to. We switched him over to Crypto Aero and haven’t looked back. His weight improved, coat became shiny and healthy again and his skin recovered. I feed all my upper-level horses Crypto Aero so that they can perform at their best!

Luke Gingerich

I have had my 7 year old quarter horse gelding, Rio, on Crypto Aero for over a year now. He loves the feed, and I have been very pleased with the results. I love the natural, simple, yet powerful ingredients, and having the peace of mind of knowing exactly what I am feeding my boy. We have a vigorous training and showing schedule, including reining, ranch horse versatility, and liberty presentations. So I ask a lot of him, and Crypto Aero helps him to look and perform his best. I frequently get compliments on his beautiful shine and conditioning, thanks to Crypto Aero!

Marco Bernal

I have been using Crypto Aero feed and supplements for a couple of years, and the improvement in all my horses has been amazing, mentally and physically they are more balanced. What I love the most about Crypto Aero products is the consistency in the quality, that all the horses love it and they are looking great all the time. Thank you Crypto Aero for making my horses easier to ride and healthier.

CDP Stables

CDP Stables and our horses love Crypto Aero feed and supplements! Since switching to Crypto Aero all our horses have bloomed! The easy keepers thrive and have plenty of energy on the Wild Forage. Our performance horses are in top condition, without getting hot, on the Wholefood. All the horses are happier, with less ulcers and joint issues. And, we have been able to streamline our feed room with Crypto Aero feed and supplements!

Lauren Crooks

I started using Crypto Aero on one of my Grand Prix horses a year after she had colic surgery for gas distention. After surgery, we were struggling with extreme bloating on a monthly basis, and she was hospitalized numerous times for gas distention. My internal veterinary specialist told me about Crypto Aero. Once I changed her over it was astonishing how quickly her gas episodes went away. Subsequently, her performance in the show ring started to return, her energy was fantastic, coat looked great, and she was way happier. I decided that if this feed could make that big of a difference all of my horses should be on it. Since switching, my horses feel better than ever. Their energy is perfect and most importantly they’re healthy and happy. I would recommend this feed to anyone who wants to feed their horse the best out there!

Denielle Gallagher

Denielle Gallagher

For years I have searched for natural feeds for my horses. Always running into issues of preservatives, chemicals and too much of everything. Seeing many horses with “metabolic syndrome”, “non sweaters”, ulcers, and chronic issues, I was drawn to Crypto Aero. After feeding Crypto I noticed my horses getting shinier, better top lines (not cresty fat necks) and natural sweating and recovery behaviors returning back to normal. Healthy stomachs and guts as well. They also have so many amazing supplements that have no preservatives or additives, they are so safe you could eat them. I often get caught eating the papaya out of the grain!! If you wouldn’t eat it, should your horse? Try the switch and feel good knowing your horses will be the healthier for it.

Samantha Hamzavi

We have seen tremendous improvements in the appearance, performance, and behavior of all our horses upon switching them to Crypto Aero Horse Feed and supplements. Their energy levels are more stable, their endurance has increased, and it’s noticeable just walking through the stable how healthy and content they are. Making the switch to Crypto Aero feed has really diminished past issues with weight management, muscle preservation, inflammation, stress, ulcers, and colic. We fully stand behind Crypto Aero and their mission to continue creating the most innovative, sustainable, and healthful equine nutrition products for our horses.

Ruth Hogan Poulsen

I've done the ration balance for nearly every horse at both farms (42 horses). I can tell you that with out a doubt, Crypto Aero is fulfilling my horses needs without the added junk and waste products that are in most grains. Besides being non GMO, its whole grain concept is how horses were made to eat. AND... I have done the math. Because I'm feeding so much less... I AM SAVING MONEY!

Sierra Keasler

A couple of months ago, Lux and Frankie decided to make a lifestyle change and switched to Crypto Aero. The idea of clean eating and human grade ingredients, really excited them. I fully supported their decision, and we are all thrilled with the results. Lux lost the burnt orange coat that he usually sports in the middle of a south Florida summer, which is practically unheard of. His feet have improved greatly and his muscle/body mass has gotten so much better. As for my saucy redhead, she has settled right into whole food feed as well. Amazingly enough, it manages to give my older guy a little positive edge, but doesn't cause my youngest to have an excessive amount of energy. The best part is, I am able to feed them less because Crypto isn't full of fillers. Thanks to Crypto Aero for making my horses look and feel amazing.

Andrew McConnon

Feeding Crypto Aero has made all the difference in my horses weight, coat, and conditioning. You can not only see, but feel the difference!

Kate Poulin

Before switching to Crypto Aero, my Grand Prix horse Belisario was eating around 10lbs of grain a day, was gassy, had diarrhea, anxious and couldn't put weight on. Now Belisario is finally healthy and much more relaxed. Switching my horses to a whole food diet has been one of the best decision's I have made. I highly recommend Crypto Aero grain for any horse at any level.

Ariana Sakaris

Taking good care of our horses isn’t just about their training. I believe a combined holistic approach is required to nourish and take care of both the inside and outside of the horse. As humans, what we put in our bodies greatly affects how we feel on a day to day basis. For centuries, holistic nutrition for humans has stated that we are what we eat. This isn’t an exception for horses either. My horses are my family, so I want them to have the very best feed possible for their nutrition. I am so honored to partner with Crypto Aero. This is not just your average horse feed. Their mission is to provide the best nutrition using only whole foods, which I am reminded of every time I feed them! Their products are soy, corn, molasses, and wheat-free. They also have no artificial flavors, preservatives, or synthetics, and all ingredients are grown from non-GMO seeds. Crypto Aero’s feed has improved my horse's nutrition and inspires me to continue to do the same for myself!

Taylor Zbytek

Kimber has never felt that good, and during the past few months ran just a couple thousandths of seconds off horses I used to only dream of challenging. Crypto has helped keep my girl running and looking her best. She has found energy I didn’t know she had, and provides her with the nutritional support to keep up in the barrel racing circuit!

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